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          Welcome to Sue and Jamie's companion site for:


          Training the Trainers: Teaching Faculty to Teach Online

 presented March 2010 at the Cengage Learning Conference 2010


Teaching online and hybrid/blended course offerings is not necessarily an intuitive process, and schools that specifically prepare their faculty to teach online have an advantage over schools that do not. During this session we will investigate a variety of approaches for preparing faculty to teach in the online environment. Some areas to be covered include training format, best practices in online education, strategies for meeting the learning needs and styles of online students, providing students with timely and effective feedback, managing and responding to disruptive and problem students, and exploring ways in which instructors can best utilize technology in the online learning environment.

Our Presentation: Training the Trainers March11 FINAL.pptx

Our Best Practices: Best Practices in Online Teaching.pdf


You'll find in the folders below files here that we have found inspirational, both for our own online teaching and for developing faculty training. 


Effective Tools and Use

Faculty Development

Learners and Learning



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